Ekobot wins the Agtech challange 2021 competition

In fierce competition among Sweden's leading agricultural innovations, Ekobot today won first prize in Hushållningssällskapets innovation competition Agtech challange

The Agtech challange competition was arranged by the Household Society in collaboration with ATL, Lantmännen, Vreta Kluster, Dataväxt and the magazine Lantmannen.

The competition was decided by a very well-known jury with roots in the Swedish agricultural industry.

The jury consisted of:
Bo Selerud, CEO HS Konsult, Competition Jury Chairman Johan Ocklind, CEO Vadsbo MjölkKristina Yngwe, Member of ParliamentHelena Silvander CEO TillväxtbolagetUlrik Wedelin, Bank Director Handelsbanken Skog och lantbrukPeter Annas, Director R&D & Innovation Lantmännen, Lilian Almroth, Editor-in-Chief LRF MediaHelene Oscarsson, Head of Communications and Development Vreta Kluster

The goal of the Agtech Challenge is to lay the foundation for new products and services that benefit profitability and the environment for Swedish food producers. The goal is also to contribute to more new innovation companies, new forms of collaboration and contact surfaces between technology companies, agricultural companies and students / researchers who in the long run attract new skills and create new jobs.

About Ekobot
Ekobot AB (publ), based in Västerås, conducts business based on the business concept of developing, manufacturing and selling autonomous agricultural robots that enable efficient precision cultivation where weed management takes place completely without or with minimal use of herbicides. The company's vision is to provide the agricultural sector with a long-term sustainable alternative to reduce or completely eliminate chemical spraying in crops of crops for human consumption.

For more information, see Ekobot's website www.ekobot.seAugment Partners AB, tel. +46 8 505 651 72, e-mail: info@augment.se is the Company's Certified Adviser.