Ekobot is taking the first step towards exports to the European market

Ekobot has taken a first step towards exporting to the European market. With a number of very successful field tests in the Netherlands in September this year, Ekobot has now taken a first step towards future exports of its autonomous robot platform on the European market

As the first Swedish Agtech company in the field of field robotics, Ekobot, in collaboration with Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, has carried out very successful field tests with its autonomous robot platform. In connection with the field tests, Ekobot's product has been demonstrated and evaluated by Dutch farmers. The implementation of the tests is an extremely important step in the company's development as this target group constitutes the company's main customer group for the next 3 years.

– I can not describe our field tests and our product demonstration in Netherland in any other way than as a complete success. We have succeeded in impressing representatives of Europe's leading agronomic research institutes in agtech and agriculture. In addition to this, we have also met Dutch farmers who have verified that we have a very promising product. – Says Ekobot's CEO – Erik Jonuks

The completed field tests in the Netherlands and the meeting with Dutch customers have been a very important milestone for Ekobot in 2021. It remains about 3 weeks before the complete test results are published by Wageningen University and research. However, the indicative results looks promising for the upcoming cultivation season in 2022, as the goal for Ekobot is to start pilot installations with Dutch customers.

About Ekobot
Ekobot AB (publ), based in Västerås, conducts business based on the business concept of developing, manufacturing and selling autonomous agricultural robots that enable efficient precision cultivation where weed management takes place completely without or with minimal use of herbicides. The company's vision is to provide the agricultural sector with a long-term sustainable alternative for reducing or completely eliminating chemical spraying in crops of crops for human consumption.

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