Ekobot initiates an integration and collaboration with Saga Robotics platform Thorvald to accelerate market introduction 2022

Ekobot has initiated an integration work of its patented tool system with Saga Robotics robot platform, Thorvald. Thorvald is a module-based robot platform that allows robots to be built with a set of standardized modules. The modules are designed to enable high-quality robots that can be quickly adapted for a given application, as in Ekobot's case. By integrating Ekobot's patented tool system and AI with Thorvald, Ekobot can quickly and efficiently accelerate its development work and shorten the time leading up to a market introduction.

Erik Jonuks, CEO Ekobot comments on the integration work with Saga Robotics
– Through the collaboration with Saga Robotics and their robot platform, we can to a much greater extent focus our development work towards the core of our business, ie our tool system and our AI that controls the tool system. This in turn gives us a faster path towards market introduction of a fully commercial product. Starting a Nordic collaboration with Saga Robotics naturally feels extra inspiring. Saga Robotics is today one of the world's foremost companies in field robotics and one of the few companies that can actually offer a generic robot platform that fits like a glove to Ekobot's tool system. There are so many synergies between us and Saga Robotics and I look forward to being able to present a "state of the art robot" for the growing season 2022. I look forward with confidence to taking the competition against the biggest players in the industry .

Pål John From, CEO Saga Robotics
– Thorvald is a hard working reliable robot that we are confident will give Ekobot the leverage they need to deliver value to their customers. Thorvald robots have successfully driven more than 7,300 km with growers in Norway, UK, USA, and Italy this year, and we are looking forward to increasing its footprint both geographically and within more crops.

About the integration work
The integration means that equipment, tool systems, camera systems and robots are optimized to a customized whole so that the robot's tasks are solved in the best way. In Ekobot's case, the integration is about optimizing the robot to be able to perform mechanical weeding completely autonomously.

About Ekobot
Ekobot AB (publ), based in Västerås, conducts business based on the business concept of developing, manufacturing and selling autonomous agricultural robots that enable efficient precision cultivation where weed management takes place completely without or with minimal use of herbicides. The company's vision is to provide the agricultural sector with a long-term sustainable alternative for reducing or completely eliminating chemical spraying in crops of crops for human consumption. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
For more information, see Ekobot's website www.ekobot.se

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