Ekobot AB (publ) is recruiting Elin Elkehag Funk as a strategic advisor

The ag-tech company Ekobot hires Elin Elkehag Funk as an advisor on strategic issues.

We are very happy that we were able to work with Elin, she has such an exciting and solid experience that we benefit greatly from when we now intensify our work to develop new innovative services for our customers. Elin has an impressive track record behind her, not least through her own start up Stilla motion – says Erik Jonuk's CEO at Ekobot.

Elin Elkehag Funk is a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant and investor passionate about innovation that creates tangible value for both people and society. She has hands on experience from building technology companies both in Sweden and Silicon Valley, and twenty years as an intrapreneur within multinational Telecom, Media and Management Consulting corporations

Elin will support and strengthen the resources around Ekobot's CEO to be able to meet the increasing demand for his participation in external contexts, which is of course something very positive and must be utilized in the best way.