Ekobot Ab (publ) AB files a patent application for a new tool for weed control

Ekobot AB (publ) announces that they have submitted a patent application to the European Patent and Registration Office (EPO) regarding a system for cutting, linear weed control.

The patent application relates to an autonomous robot system for AI-based optical detection of weeds, which in general terms means a new and improved method for detecting and controlling weeds with a mechanical tool system.

Ekobot's robot system's ability to detect defects and control weeds in a fast and reliable way is strongly related to an efficient mechanical tool system. This is of great importance for sustainable and chemical-free production of food.

Ekobot's CTO Tomas Täuber comments:
– The new patent application confirms that we are an innovative company overall. Our patent portfolio is under construction and with this new application we continue to improve and strengthen our IP around the performance of robotic systems. I am pleased that we have succeeded in registering the protection at a high level in the light of our efforts to create reliable solutions and services for our customers.

Usually in patent approval processes, an application is submitted to the European Patent and Registration Office (EPO). Following approval, subsequent applications are submitted to other countries outside the European Patent Cooperation. This is also expected to be the case for this new patent, as intellectual property rights are part of the company's long-term strategy.