Ekobot Ab finalist in Techarenan Challenge 2021

Ekobot has today been named a finalist, and is thus named one of the Nordic region's 50 leading future companies in the Techarenan Challenge 2021 competition. Companies from all over the Nordic region have applied for the competition and the finalists are active in a number of different industries such as cleantech, mobility, e- health, edtech, spacetech, foodtech, and more.

The Techarena Challenge is being arranged for the eighth year in a row. The entrepreneurship competition is aimed at Swedish and Nordic companies in the startup and growth phase that are based on a unique innovation or business idea with the potential to be commercialized in the global market.

– This year's final field is one of the most interesting in the competition's history in terms of the major global challenges the companies address and the values ​​they create. It is also impressive to see how many companies have managed to enter the market and attract large customers in a short time. It is obvious that Sweden and the Nordic countries are a breeding ground for exceptional entrepreneurs and companies. Many of the companies have already gained a foothold internationally and created a strong position for further expansion –  says Omid Ekhlasi, founder and competition manager Techarenan.

The final days 2021 take place in Stockholm on 16 June and in November. During the final days, the companies pitch on site for this year's jury, and panels and news broadcasts are arranged on the subject of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and the future. The final will be streamed live on Techarenan.se
The list of the Nordic region's 50 leading future companies is published at www.techarenan.se/challenge

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