Ekobot is at the forefront of the development of the Autonomous Field Robot for Mechanical Weed Control.
The evolution of agriculture

The evolution of agriculture

Ekobot is the result of the founder Ulf Nordbeck’s thoughts and desire to combine robotics and healthy sustainable food production. Ekobot’s goal is to be able to offer practical and sustainable solutions to agricultural issues while reducing workload with autonomous tools for vegetable farmers.

We have created one of the world’s most intelligent autonomous mechanical weeding robots. The Ekobot.

Ekobot's innovation takes mechanical weed management to a new level that has not been on the market until now.

Our business model

Farmers around the world face challenges in the use of herbicides in crop production, autonomous robot, capable of mechanical weeding on the field, offers farmers an attractive alternative.

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About the company

Ekobot AB is the company behind one of the world’s first fully autonomous field robots that can take care of mechanical weed control with exceptionally high precision. We at Ekobot help farmers and growers reduce costs of weeding crops while also doing it in a CO2 neutral and ecological way.